Mystery at Knobbe Hill

This is a horror scenario using Call of Cthulhu for 4-6 Players with a running time of 6-8 hours.

Presented at: Redbank Enrichment Center Mini-Con 1984, Carnage 2005, Open Gaming Convention 2006,  Private Sessions 1983 to Present

Jack Wilson is dead, one of the best friends that you have ever had. Many years ago you made one of those promises that you never expect to fulfill. You promised that if something should happen to him you would investigate. The letter that he had left for you raised questions. (Jack had been behaving a bit oddly in recent years. Delving into odd books and traveling to different Universities instead of hunting and fishing.) As you and your companions drive deep into the New England woods, you cannot help but wonder what strange fate may await you.

Jack Wilson Letter - His Last WishesThis is a fun roaring twenties Lovecraftian Horror scenario that I first ran, at a small gaming convention held at the Redbank Enrichment Center in South Portland, Maine in 1982. The setup was a lot simpler then, since I was in high school. In those days I used a cassette deck feeding to a small amp and a pair of speakers. I used real candles with candelabras (not to be done anymore)! I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a couple of actual skulls for the table!

There are some fun role-playing opportunities in this scenario! The game begins with the immanent arrival of the player characters in the Knobbe Hill area, after an arduous trip in the rain to the New England Wilds. The last wishes of their deceased friend draw them to their fate.

This  six to eight hour scenario has some great story elements that are a lot of fun! Several classic Lovecraft tales inspired this scenario. It is entertaining for all ranges of players from those steeped in the dark eldritch lore to those that have never read a single tale of the one of the fathers of modern horror.

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