The Inheritance

This is a horror scenario using Call of Cthulhu for 4-8 Players with a running time of 4-5 hours.

Presented at: Carnage 2004, Open Gaming Convention 2006, Open Gaming Convention 2008, Private Sessions 2004 to Present

After the trials of your youth you have come far. College was wonderful and everything now seems grand. You and your fellow orphaned siblings and cousins are on the eve of your inheritance. The time has come to return to your ancestral home and learn of the wonders that the foundation has in store for you. Only one thing mars your experience, the nightmares of so long ago have returned….

The Inheritance - Player IntroductionThis is a classic era (1920s) Lovecraftian Horror scenario that begins with the characters gathered together in a luxurious private rail car as they return home for a grand reunion. This game was written in the early 2000s and has some interesting role-playing opportunities. This was one of the first scenarios that I wrote to manage a 4-5 hour running time. It presents some odd challenges to the players.

There have been a variety of outcomes from madness and fates worse than death to utter panic and horror. This is a particularly difficult scenario with several elements drawn strongly from the Lovecraftian canon. The game takes place in New England and the destination at the start of play is the family estate deep in the Maine woods.

I have had good feedback on this game and it is a lot of fun and manages to run within a fairly reasonable time frame. The characters are a close-knit group and players seem to have a good time with them. Like all such scenarios, madness, terror, and death are to be expected.

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