Rise of the Dead Part One: The Arrival

Presented at: Carnage 2006, Open Gaming Convention 2007, Private Sessions 2006 to Present

With the strange reports of cult activities around the world, widespread assassinations, the apocalyptic devastation of the earth by a red comet, the tidal waves and fallout, civilization as you know it is in collapse. At least you and your friends are secure in your mountain camp with some of your basic needs at hand. After all, it could not get any worse…

This scenario is one of the first of a series post apocalyptic scenarios where the dead rise amid the ruins of civilization. Things continue to go sour from there! This scenario introduces the characters to a hint of the coming horror.

The outcomes in this scenario can vary rather considerably from heroic to brutal death. This setting has a b-movie style and attempts to give a cinematic gaming experience. The starting setting in rural New Hampshire is an isolated camp outfitted for survival amid fallout and storms.

The zombies in this setting are brutally effective and have a few traits that make them a challenge! There are some good opportunities for panic and mayhem. The players have plenty of pressure and time moves quickly in this game.

The Rise of the Dead Part One: The Arrival is available as a Monograph from Chaosium and more information is available on the Monograph Page on this site or in the Chaosium catalog with a PDF or Print version.

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