The Vault

This is a horror scenario using Call of Cthulhu for 4-6 Players with a running time of 6-8 hours.

Presented at: Carnage 2007, Open Gaming Convention 2008, Total Confusion 2009, Private Sessions 2007 to Present

Your group of friends and relatives has spent years tracking down an ancient vault secreted on an old family property. Despite the labor problems with the superstitious locals, the difficulties of excavation, and the years of painstaking research, you are finally ready to open the vault. The false notions of the locals and the reservations of some of your kin and friends have not deterred you. After all, what could be dangerous about an old long sealed vault?

HPL and DarknessThis scenario of Lovecraftian horror is set in the Roaring Twenties and begins with the opening of a vault believed to house a lost family treasure. This scenario is strongly connected to several of HPL’s classic tales. Fans with knowledge of the genre often enjoy this game.

The stakes can be high in this scenario. There have been a number of various outcomes from the heroic to brutal death, madness, and worse. The game takes place in the wilds of northern Maine.

The pre-generated character ensemble has a few conflicts to spice things up and provide for a dynamic group. While players can certainly run their own group, the provided party offers a well-tested troupe. This scenario brings darkness, terror, and claustrophobic madness steeped in Lovecratian lore.

The Vault is available as a Monograph from Chaosium and more information is available on the Monograph Page on this site or in the Chaosium catalog with a PDF or Print version.

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