Final Flight

This is a horror scenario for Call of Cthulhu, by John Crowe III, for 4-6 Players with a running time of 4-5 hours and published by Pagan Publishing.

Presented at: Open Gaming Convention 2009, Carnage 2009, Total Confusion 2010, Private Sessions 2009 to Present

1930s Era Twin Engine Passenger AircraftPan Caribbean airlines flight 101 is making a night flight from Curacao to Bogota.  The passengers are traveling for a variety of reasons, a number are bound for a Mesoamerican Studies conference sponsored by Universidad Nacional de Colombia.  1938 is an exciting year to be alive and be able to take a flight aboard an airliner.  The DC-2 is one of the most modern of aircraft and reassurance can be found in her gleaming lines.  The passengers are able to enjoy the comforts offered by a professional crew and a simple but well equipped mini-galley.  Coffee, food, and a chance to sleep while on the go are all quietly appealing.  A routine flight over the jungle…thirty seconds of terror…a prelude to horror.

This fun cinematic style scenario by John Crowe III is a lot of fun! The setting and circumstances give a strong horror movie feel to this scenario. It fits well into the mythos genre and has a good basic backstory.

The game begins with a routine night flight that quickly leads to panic, followed by terror and madness. The pressure of the situation forces nearly any character ensemble into classic scenes of panic and fear. This scenario often leaves a litter of dead behind.

This is one of the first scenarios that I started running at conventions by another author. Call of Cthulhu has a rich supply of well-written scenarios available. Not writing the game makes the ramp up time for producing a soundtrack and play aids the only major consideration and substantially reduces my production time.

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