Rise of the Dead Part Two: The Raid

This is a horror scenario using Call of Cthulhu for 4-8 Players with a running time of 4-6 hours.

Presented at: Carnage 2008, Total Confusion 2009, Open Gaming Convention 2009, Private Sessions 2008 to Present

RotD Pt2 Intro Video ScriptWith the apocalyptic devastation of the Earth by a red comet, the tidal waves and fallout, civilization, as you know it, has collapsed. To make matters even more horrific the dead have begun to rise and attack the living. If that was not terrifying enough, it seems that the zombies are being organized into armies by black uniformed cultists. You are part of a handpicked team of volunteers chosen for a special mission to gain vital intelligence. You are expendable, but your mission is critical to the survival of your family, friends, and loved ones. There are many questions: Who are they? What do they want? Why are the dead rising? Can we stop them? Can you help the leaders of your rag-tag group of survivors find any answers?

As play commences the group is gathered amongst volunteers desperate to gain some measure of understanding of the madness that has come of the world. With the dead walking and strange organized militarized cultists engaging in who know what horrors the characters are the kind that choose to try and do something! This straight up infiltration mission is not only fraught with danger, but also guaranteed to bring horror and mayhem.

This scenario presents the players with another attempt to provide a cinematic style b-movie experience. A number of choices are presented to the characters and there are a few opportunities for tactical decisions. The driving need to probe for weakness is the driving impetus as the game commences.

This scenario begins to bring the scope of the horror that is taking place under the baleful red eye of the physics-defying new moon into focus. The grim situation is presented starkly as the scenario progresses. This game abounds with opportunities for shock, violence, and horror.

The Rise of the Dead Part Two: The Raid is available as a Monograph from Chaosium and more information is available on the Monograph Page on this site or in the Chaosium catalog with a PDF or Print version.

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