The Burning Stars

This is a horror scenario for Call of Cthulhu, by David Conyers, for 4-6 Players with a running time of 7-8 hours and published by Chaosium.

Presented at: Carnage 2009, Total Confusion 2010, Open Gaming Convention 2010, Private Sessions 2009 to Present

Burning Stars Table Carnage 2009Awaking in a US Military Hospital in Haiti on October 30, 1930, suffering from prolonged blackouts and amnesia, plagued by a dreadful fear, and still searching for Jack Sterling is just the beginning of the horror.  The air is heavy and warm, the beds cloaked in mosquito nets, and the staff is bustling to and fro in the hall.  Jack Sterling is still whereabouts unknown.  The last week is a blank.  It is a must to find Jack and pierce the veil of fear, pain, and loathing.  There are many questions: What happened?  Where is Jack?  When can we get out of this hospital?

This scenario is a fun well-designed scenario. I had other plans for the conventions this round until I read it and decided I had to run it. This game is a lot of fun in a dark and interesting setting with unrest and terror plaguing Haiti. The scenario is tight and well thought out with a detailed setting and some nice touches that make it easy to create a few simple bits of theatrical business. I find most of David Conyer’s scenarios to be compelling and interesting and this is no exception.

I actually took apart a rather experimental set of tracks from a few bands to make some of the soundtrack for this game, along with some jazz and a few other sounds. The game is a lot of fun to run and the character ensemble produces some good play. Feedback on this game has been very good.

There are plenty of good role-playing opportunities in this scenario and a number of dynamic non-player character interactions. It has a nice cinematic feel for those that enjoy atmosphere and mystery. The available options for the characters are interesting and the story archetypes steeped in Lovecratian horror and dark hoodoo.

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