Lost on the Road

Lost on the Road PDF CoverThis is a horror scenario for any system that I have been running using Call of Cthulhu, for 4-6 Players with a running time of 7 – 8 hours originally developed for RPGBomb’s systemless scenario project.

Presented at: Open Gaming Convention 2010, Private Sessions 2010 to Present, Scheduled for Carnage 2011

In this gothic style story inspired by Grimm’s tales the characters are drawn into a terrifying and strange wood in search of a lost friend. Awful horror awaits the innocent and unsuspecting friends. The shadow of eons old power crosses their path and can leave them horribly changed or dead. The characters need all of their guile and strength to grapple with their fate.  Color narration and role-playing bring the story to life. Guile, wits, maneuver, and carefully applied violence are the order of the day.

This scenario is a little bit of a departure from some of the more traditional style horror themes that I have done in the past. It is written as a systemless scenario and could work well with any rules set.  Presently, I run it using Call of Cthulhu. It is one of my longer games with a very strong establishing phase and a lot of color narration to help set the scene.

There are some excellent role-playing opportunities in this scenario and I have found that the players seem to really get into their roles. There are a number of strong non-player characters for the GM and some rather challenging opportunities to play multiple strong personalities at the same time. The players are posed quite a challenge once the scope of the circumstances is understood/

The outcomes for this game have been rather wide and varied and folks seem to enjoy the high degree of difficulty. There is excellent opportunity for creative problem solving in this scenario. Players seem to have a good time with this each time I run it and the only real drawback is the 7.5 hour typical running time which is a tad long at a convention.

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