Incident at Owl Lake

Owl Lake IntroThis is a horror scenario for a rules system in development for 4-6 Players with a running time of 4-4.5 hours and in the works for eventual publication.

Presented at: Carnage 2010, Total Confusion 2011, Private Sessions 2010 to Present

You and your friends have anticipated this camping trip for a long time. The site is a fine isolated spot very far from civilization, a place to share some peace and quiet. It is a time to rest, find solace in your companions, and escape the dreaded yet unremembered nightmares. You hope to banish the vague sense of unease, that sense of loss, which has disturbed you for so long. Surely nothing horrific could happen here in the dark forest near the lake beneath the bright night sky. Such a peaceful place could not be the location of unimaginable horror and a giddy descent into terror and madness, could it?

This scenario is an introductory scenario helping to establish the setting for a new project. This is the first in an ongoing series of horror games set in the fifties that pits the player characters against horrors from beyond the veil. Presently it is being run using FUDGE, but a new system should be in use by late 2012.

There are some fun role-playing moments for the player characters and little room to breathe in terms of pacing. The lighting and sound for this game were fun to put together and work well to help create an immersive environment. It also has the advantage of nearly fitting into a convention slot with the running time usually less than 5 hours.

The outcomes for this scenario have been interesting. Some parties have survived intact and others have become lost to the horror. In many cases it has been a little of each. Fun was had by all!

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