Farewell My Sanity

FMS CoverThis is a classic film noir style scenario for Call of Cthulhu written by Aaron Vanek, of HPLHS and published as a monograph by Chaosium. (If you have not seen the HPLHS production of The Call of Cthulhu, I recommend checking it out!)

Presented at: Total Confusion 2011, Scheduled for Open Gaming Convention 2011, Private Sessions 2010 to Present

It has been slow lately at the Guzman-Willent Detective Agency. Watching the ceiling fans spinning slowly while smoking cigarettes at your desk has become a tedious way to spend your time. Lately, it seems as though there is little to keep you busy even in exciting Southern California. Where all the dames wanting their husbands watched and mugs wanting their wives watched are is beyond you. As shadows crawl across the floor and smoke curls up from the ashtray, you wonder when the next case is coming. Hoping for excitement is a funny thing in this racket. Your next case won’t lead to terrible secrets, tenebrous horrors reaching from beyond, and maddening revelations, will it?

I ran across this monograph some time ago and given the author felt compelled to check it out, especially since he uses sound, lighting, and other effects in his games. It is a fun game to run and has some good solid Lovecraftian elements.

There are some good role-playing moments and angles of approach for the detective agency and a nice buildup to the horror. The scenario is very well researched with a lot of period pictures. As is my usual practice these days I bought it in print to evaluate it and then as a PDF when I knew I was going to produce it. The PDF is a rich source of period pictures and I took the liberty of cutting them out and pasting them up to produce a large number of laminated pictures to help set the scene.

The soundtrack for this game was fun to make and features some jazz, a handful of sound effects, and some strange German industrial music. Overall a fun game to produce with plenty of atmosphere to keep the players immersed. I expect to run this game quite a few times over the years.

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