Lost on the Road is now available for purchase!

Lost on the Road PDF CoverA weird tale for four to six players that begins with a search for a friend along an old road in a deep forest and leads to strange terror. Lost on the Road is a systemless role-playing game scenario nominally set in the thirties and easily adapted to a variety of settings and periods.

In this gothic style story inspired by Grimms’ tales, the characters are drawn into a strange and terrifying wood in search of a lost friend. Awful horror awaits the innocent and unsuspecting friends. The shadow of eons-old power crosses their path and may leave them horribly changed, or dead. The characters will need all of their guile and strength to grapple with their fate. Color narration and role-playing bring the story to life. Guile, wits, maneuver, and carefully applied violence are the order of the day.

Lost on The Road can be played with nearly any rules system and was tested with skill-based mechanics. The scenario is carefully structured to provide a solid play environment and has been play-tested many times. Atmospheric narrative text is included to help build atmosphere, along with maps, handouts, and a GM summary.

The first step down the road to wondrous and strange horror is a mouse click away!


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