Immersive RPGs and Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine Events Were Presented at ConnectiCon!

Game Soapbox Productions LogoThe Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine was used to present several immersive role-playing events last weekend at ConnectiCon in Hartford. Special thanks to the RPG organizers for all of their hard work and the great room they provided to set up my lighting and sound equipment and run immersive games! Speaking of which, a guide to helping with creating an immersive role-playing environment, Theater of the Mind: Theatrical Elements in Role-Playing, is moving through the publishing process now!

Three of the scenarios run this past weekend were set in the Dreadful Truths dark 50s campaign setting. The feedback from players has been good and the system is getting squared away. Once Social Action rules and Organization rules get the final polish it will be time to get back to the manuscript. In the meantime in addition to play testing I am working on two scenarios in wildly different period for inclusion as example scenarios. Progress is slowly being made on the rule system!

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