Events at SnowCon and Available via Dark Phoenix Events

Andre Kruppa Game Table at Total Confusion 2013

I will be presenting the following theatrically enhanced (i.e. lighting and sound) tabletop cosmic horror games at SnowCon in Bangor, Maine which runs January 15-17 of 2016. These events and others are also now available to be booked with or without catering via Dark Phoenix Events at your function hall or home! Please contact them today if you are interested booking!

Final Flight (by David Crowe III and presented by Andre Kruppa)
Call of Cthulhu (6th Ed.)
Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Pan Caribbean airlines flight 101 is making a night flight from Curacao to Bogota. The passengers are traveling for a variety of reasons, a number are bound for a Mesoamerican Studies conference sponsored by Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 1938 is an exciting year to be alive and be able to take a flight aboard an airliner. The DC-2 is one of the most modern of aircraft and reassurance can be found in her gleaming lines. The passengers are able to enjoy the comforts offered by a professional crew and a simple but well equipped mini-galley. Coffee, food, and a chance to sleep while on the go.

The Night War (by Kevin Ross and presented by Andre Kruppa)
Call of Cthulhu (6th Ed.)
Saturday 5pm – 11:00pm

The apocalyptic nightmare seems interminable, with the endless rain, lakes of blood, and awful, sticky septic mud; the screaming shells and choking gas; the machine guns spitting lead. The Great War is a savage ordeal of senseless destruction and death beyond comprehension. But when the whistles blow, it is time to go over the top, and then the real terror begins. Horror lurks in the muddy, noxious darkness, coiling to strike—something far more loathsome than simple human destruction.

Incident at Owl Lake
Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine (Forthcoming)
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

You and your friends have anticipated this camping trip for a long time. The site is a fine isolated spot very far from civilization, a place to share some peace and quiet. It is a time to rest, find solace in your companions, and escape the dreaded yet unremembered nightmares. You hope to banish the vague sense of unease, that sense of loss, which has disturbed you for so long. Surely nothing horrific could happen here in the dark forest near the lake beneath the bright night sky. Such a peaceful place could not be the location of unimaginable horror and a giddy descent into terror and madness, could it?

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