Madness and Mayhem LARP 60% Off Tomorrow Only!

MaM Button Version 2

The PDF version of Madness and Mayhem Live Action Role-Playing: A gritty fast-play system for dark, Lovecraftian, and cosmic horror gaming is going on sale tomorrow (December 4th, 2015), as the deal of the day, at 10:00 AM on RPGNow for only $1.98. This version includes an expanded hyperlinked Table of Contents for easy quick reference. The page numbers link back to the Table of Contents to aid in navigation.

Here is a bit more about the book:

Madness and Mayhem is simple fast-play LARP system for dark and gritty scenarios, especially useful for games with themes of cosmic or Lovecraftian horror, and suitable for any era of play. Mechanics are included for character creation, skill and statistic tests, physical and mental damage, madness, research, magic, and a no-contact combat system! A simple bidding/token mechanism is used to resolve actions. Other topics include ongoing play, game presentation, character assignments and surveys, gaming etiquette, sample creatures and supporting characters, a rules briefing summary, and a glossary of terms. An engine to help drive your game!

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