Madness and Mayhem Debuts at Total Confusion!

MaM Button Version 2The first convention presentation of Madness and Mayhem Live Action Roleplaying: A gritty fast-play system for dark, Lovecraftian, and cosmic horror gaming is February 20th at Total Confusion in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The scenario is The Meteorite, a parlor style LARP for 5-7 players. It is a scenario of cosmic terror where horror strikes a long duration mission in Antarctica amid a relentless blizzard. Last I knew there are a few openings left!

The Meteorite

Your team is on a long duration mission in Antarctica, a brutally hostile and unforgiving environment so alien and distant that you may as well be on the moon. The group is engaged in a several simultaneous scientific endeavors, including the collection of climatological data, meteorite recovery, psychological research into long-term isolation, and related efforts. It is both the most exciting work you have ever done and the most heinously claustrophobic and boring. As a viscous storm of tremendous strength lashes your small habitat amid the bone chilling cold and mind numbing isolation, it is vital to keep your wits about you. You cannot seem to shake a feeling of dread, a sense of impending peril, and worry that avoiding cabin fever may turn out to be the least of your problems.

The Meteorite is intended for mature players only. Players should wear normal contemporary clothing and to be sure to have pockets or pouches sufficient to hold a handful 3/4 inch of tokens, 6 small binder clips with short ribbons, a 1 page character sheet that is easily folded, and up to a dozen business cards. Props will be provided for individual characters.

There is still some room for players!

The rules are available both on Amazon and RPGNow!


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