About GSP

Game Soapbox Productions is a studio and publishing company dedicated to the passion and power of storytelling. Our mission is providing entertaining role-playing game supplements and rules, audio books, soundscapes, e-books, and immersive RPG tabletop production elements. Great stories are our passion!


Currently we are striving to satisfy the cravings of cosmic and gothic horror buffs with an enticing stew of offerings. Tales of horror, madness, and terror are being created in the tenebrous depths of our studios, in a variety of mediums, for your entertainment and pleasure. We hope that you enjoy!


Simmering on the stove are several systemless role playing game supplements featuring Lovecraftian horror. In the oven are recorded classic tales of terror, madness, and the weird. Soundscapes for RPG tabletop productions are warming on the back burner


On the table, being rapidly hammered into shape, is a relatively simple core role-playing rule system. Features include solid character development, organic experience and training, personal resource development and conflict, and more. Settings in the works include cold war cosmic horror, near future apocalypse with rising dead, and Dark Age chaos and terror.


Horror anthologies with a focus on cosmic and gothic horror are on the board. Editors are being solicited with kind words and hopeful expressions. Solicitations for material are expected soon!


Waiting in the wings and hoping for a breath of life is a gothic horror project based upon a famous horror tale. Passion, power, lust, chastity, honor, greed, faith, terror, rage, and madness for all! Fury from the shadows brings death, horror, and a battle for survival.


Terror, darkness, and unquenchable hunger are lurking backstage. More ways to tell stories of passion, dread, and horror are in the works! Please return often to see what is being dredged up from the blackest regions of the mind for your entertainment!


Andre Kruppa is the current chief cook, bottle washer, and dredger. He needs lots of help and is very appreciative of the support of his friends in the role-playing gaming, storytelling, horror, and related communities. For more information about Andre please read his bio.


Talented folks are being sought for a variety of roles especially writers, artists, and editors. Feel free to contact us for particulars. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our freelance associates.


Game Soapbox Productions, LLC is a web based company located in South Portland, Maine.