Andre at Total Con 2011 A Monster Attack!Andre Kruppa has been running games of various kinds on a regular basis since 1978. His primary interests are in gaming with an historical element and include both role-playing and miniatures wargaming. His current role-playing projects include theatrical style horror gaming with lighting and sound effects using Call of Cthulhu, which is typically set in the 1920s, a flavor of FUDGE for horror, and other systems as they catch his eye. Andre is presently working on material for e-publishing in the horror genre.  He also runs Ars Magica, an historical fantasy game, which features troupestyle play, set in the early 1200sIncident Owl Lake at Total Con 2011.

Each year Andre brings his role-playing theater setup to a number of fine New England Game conventions that are kind enough to provide a conference room for him to run in.  Currently he runs at Carnage, Total Confusion, Open Gaming Convention, ConnectiCon, NecronimiCon Providence, and a few other gatherings. Andre typically runs four or five events at each of these conventions.

The Colony at Total Con 2011 TableAndre currently has three convention-style Call of Cthulhu scenarios that have been published by Chaosium as monographs.  These scenarios The Vault, Rise of the Dead, and Rise of the Dead: Part 2 – The Raid, include detailed characters, handouts, and staging advice.