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Interview with Toxic Bag Productions!

I had a nice interview with the folks from Toxic Bag Productions who puts out a ton of sound effects for Roleplaying Games. We talked about creating the immersive roleplaying experience using lighting and sound as well as my book Bringing Theater to the Mind: A Guide to Using Theatrical Elements in Role-Playing. One of […]

Mythwits 10: Kruppathulhu Loves You is Online!

I am a guest on this up and coming web based talk show for all of us who are gamers and geeks. We talk about the forthcoming Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine, theatrical elements like lighting and sound in role-playing, Game Soapbox Productions, and all sorts of other things! A fun web series well worth a […]

Andre Kruppa Panel Making Great Adventures – Total Con 2011

This is the podcast of a panel discussion about designing great adventures at Total Con 2011. It was my first panel and a lot of fun. The panel consisted of Jack Graham, Bradford Younie, Mark Edwards, and me.   It was certainly interesting to hear about the different approaches taken by other designers.

Andre Kruppa Guest on Fringeworthy – Part 2, Tri Tac Games Podcast

This is part 2 of the pod cast with the guys from Tri Tac Games talking about using props and theatrical elements to enhance table top RPGs. It was a good discussion! We talked about props, handouts, tables, lighting, sound, music, and a variety of other things. Part 1

Andre Kruppa Guest on Tri Tac Games Podcast – Props Pt 1

This is part 1 of a regular pod cast the guys from Tri Tac Games were kind enough to have me on as a guest for episode 70. We talked about using props and theatrical elements to enhance table top RPGs. I picked up a few interesting ideas and had fun! We talked about props, handouts, […]