Lucid Dreams Role-playing Engine

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This role-playing game provides a framework for darker, grittier play that is suitable for a variety of periods, from the Stone Age to the near future. Rules are provided for the skill, social conflict, and combat elements, as well as for a variety of resources, from wealth and retainers to agents and military force. Rules for courage, fear, terror, and insanity help with tales ranging from daring action stories to detective noir and especially cosmic horror. Mechanics also cover organizations as the bond and force that can help drive many campaigns.

The experience system rewards skill use and has provision for training. Die mechanics use a small pool of ten-sided dice with open-ended re-rolls that afford the opportunity for occasional spectacular results and allow for fast resolution to keep play progressing. Emphasis is placed on favoring higher levels of skills over lower levels, making expertise stand out. A vicious combat system emphasizes the consequences of shock and damage without undue complexity. Organizations can be created to help provide support for characters and impetus for adventure!

The Lucid Dreams Role-playing Engine is a tool kit for use in a variety of settings, with some rules to be used or not, depending upon the needs of the game. Storytelling is as old as humanity, and role-playing is one of the many ways we can collectively participate in this great art. Adventure and excitement can be yours!

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Play Aids

Character sheets and supporting play aids and material for the Lucid Dreams Role-playing Engine.

Character Sheet: 2 Page Sheet PDF

Fillable Character Sheet: 2 Page Sheet PDF fillable form that includes active checkboxes

NPC Damage Record: Damage Tracking Sheet PDF