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First Soundscape and Ambient Music Release Coming Soon!

Soundscapes are sonic way to make your role-playing event more fun and immersive! The first slated release is Time in the Asylum, a subtle mental trip to the inside of a mental institution. Three variants of a 27:36 MP3 track, which can be played as a loop, provide a day, evening, and night sonic environment […]

Lost on the Road is now available for purchase!

A weird tale for four to six players that begins with a search for a friend along an old road in a deep forest and leads to strange terror. Lost on the Road is a systemless role-playing game scenario nominally set in the thirties and easily adapted to a variety of settings and periods. In […]

Lost on the Road PDF Cover

Lost on the Road Due Out Soon

Lost on the Road, a systemless gothic horror RPG scenario, is being set up for PDF release and should be issued very soon!  This is a weird tale of gothic horror with strong establishing scenes. Wits, guile, and carefully applied violence is needed for a few hearty souls to escape the clutches of an ancient […]

Carnagecast Episode 2: Uncommon Nonsense and Andre Kruppa

Here is a one of the Carnage Podcast episodes. Tyler Dion was kind enough to interview me and starts with an interview with Rod Sheldon who fills us in on the Uncommon Nonsense Charity Auction. In his next installment of Gamer Visits we talk about theatrical production values and high immersion Call of Cthulhu and […]

Andre Kruppa Panel Making Great Adventures – Total Con 2011

This is the podcast of a panel discussion about designing great adventures at Total Con 2011. It was my first panel and a lot of fun. The panel consisted of Jack Graham, Bradford Younie, Mark Edwards, and me.   It was certainly interesting to hear about the different approaches taken by other designers.  http://totalcon.podbean.com/2011/06/27/episode-08-making-great-adventures-panel/

Andre Kruppa Guest on Fringeworthy – Part 2, Tri Tac Games Podcast

This is part 2 of the pod cast with the guys from Tri Tac Games talking about using props and theatrical elements to enhance table top RPGs. It was a good discussion! We talked about props, handouts, tables, lighting, sound, music, and a variety of other things.  http://tritacsystems.podbean.com/2011/05/22/episode-71-props-part-2/ Part 1

Andre Kruppa Guest on Tri Tac Games Podcast – Props Pt 1

This is part 1 of a regular pod cast the guys from Tri Tac Games were kind enough to have me on as a guest for episode 70. We talked about using props and theatrical elements to enhance table top RPGs. I picked up a few interesting ideas and had fun! We talked about props, handouts, […]

FMS Cover

Farewell My Sanity

This is a classic film noir style scenario for Call of Cthulhu written by Aaron Vanek, of HPLHS and published as a monograph by Chaosium. (If you have not seen the HPLHS production of The Call of Cthulhu, I recommend checking it out!) Presented at: Total Confusion 2011, Scheduled for Open Gaming Convention 2011, Private […]

Owl Lake Intro

Incident at Owl Lake

This is a horror scenario for a rules system in development for 4-6 Players with a running time of 4-4.5 hours and in the works for eventual publication. Presented at: Carnage 2010, Total Confusion 2011, Private Sessions 2010 to Present You and your friends have anticipated this camping trip for a long time. The site […]


Andre Kruppa Interview Theatrical RPG Events After Total Con 2011

Here is an interview about my theatrical gaming events recorded shortly after Total Confusion 25 (February, 2011) by Peter Bryant. There are a number of Total Confusion related podcasts. Peter also is involved with the Tri Tac Games Podcast, which is a regular ongoing role-playing gaming series. Interview